One word every day…

December is heating up!

Once again we are enjoying the hospitality of Heron Croft Farm.

This one is a process of writing just one word every day. And it is loosely based on Susan Kapuscinski Gaylord’s Word-a-Day Journal which is one of many, many ideas she has for making books with children. Visit her website to see what she has up her sleeve.

Well, anyway…I tried it her way the minute I saw it. And then I saw some potential to work it into something more artsy. I had to play with my ideas to refine them, but now I have something I am just itching to share.

So join me on December 4th at Heron Croft Farm for One Word, Every Day and see why my little thinker has come up with. I think you’ll have fun and learn a way to journal that is practical and pain-free. See you soon.


One thought on “One word every day…

  1. This looks great, Sus! Wish I could join you. Everyone attending is in for a wonderful experience, and Heron Croft is just the right place for this sort of thing. Enjoy!!

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