Butterflies in near winter

Just participated in a little butterfly ATC swap over at Willowing and thought I’d share a peek with you. Shhh don’t tell Deedee so she’ll be surprised when they arrive.
Looks like fridge art.
and here is the one I call “Green” from the front
from the front view

Here is the view from the back, notice how the wing does an overlap.

And lastly a photo closeup of the Guilded butterfly. I wish I hadn’t done the guilding, but I hope it looks better in person. Perhaps it just didn’t take a good photo with the harsh indoor lighting.

Tomorrow, I’ll finish the Queen ATCs for our alphabet swap over at 14 Secrets. Here is a sneak preview of one that I have photographed already.


4 thoughts on “Butterflies in near winter

  1. Delight filled ATC’s.
    I love the Querulous Queen. I hear that we create new dendrites in our brains when we play with words that way!
    Seems like great fun to me!

  2. Oh Barbara! You are so kind. I just received my own and they were done up like a million dollar gift. This ATC stuff is new to me, so it’s learn as you go.
    Appreciate your lovely words.

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