Workshops and Weekends

Well, last weekend’s workshop had small but enthusiastic attendance. Considering the season and the weather we had, I feel confident that by spring we may have a small and regular support group for art journaling up here. We were so busy I neglected to get pictures. Sorry.

Heron Croft Farm is such a a wonderful venue … a little haven away from the hubbub of the world. A tiny piece of heaven!

I do hope that I am up to the challenge of ushering in some new devotees to this “spiritual” practice. I am lunching with my friend Helen who I am hoping will be able to help me to develop a method of incorporating artwork. Since she is a really, truly artist who taught art for many years in a high school setting, I am sure she will have a plethora of great ideas.

Since I began reading, “The Empathic Civilization” by Jeremy Riffkin bursts of light have been flashing into my consciousness about how to do little tiny things to reach out and touch others; to share what I have learned on this journey, things that have helped me to heal wounds, and to surmount those

mountains of day-to-day living. I highly recommend this book. When I finish, I think I’ll actually post a book review at Amazon and Chapters/Indigo. Let me know if you’ve read it and what random acts of kindness or empathy it invoked in you. Please…

While the guys were setting up Jeff’s show on Sunday morning, I caught a glimpse into another of Riffkin’s books, “The European Dream“.

How have I missed this author!?! This man has a keen insight and the research team that supports him is nothing short of amazing. Having discovered that both of these books are available on Kindle, I am more determined to get one.


And then when I found out that it displays pictures and especially after reading this review (see the link) well…I was convinced.

Now, I’m not one to push consumerism, but both of these books are sizable and hence unwieldy to read propped up in bed or lounging on the sofa (couch if that’s your preference). And that’s only one reason to have this tiny library at your fingertips. Also as my vision deteriorates, the adjustable font size is a definite advantage.

Strangely this post didn’t start out to be about the Kindle, or Riffkin’s books. Funny, how my mind works…


4 thoughts on “Workshops and Weekends

  1. Hi Mum!
    The Kindle doesn’t display pictures in colour, so it would be not-so-good for looking at artwork… How did Jeff’s show go? Glad your workshop went well, good luck for this weekend too. xo

    • No, for color you would have to hold the actual book, but it does display graphs, and line drawings and the like. Jeff’s show went splendidly! Great attendance and good feedback from the many artist photographers who lent their support. He will definitely get more wide exposure now that more people have seen his work…and that is a good thing.

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