Winter Wonderland

Today I live in a winter wonderland. We call it Snowen Sound. Yesterday snow drifted down all day long…well into the evening…and on into the night.

Driving won’t be pleasant, but I think I can put on my Sorel “Deeps” and fulled mitts 

and venture over to the Post Office

to mail the Queen ATCs.

I let my friends down because first I made Q ATCs but not Queen ones (or even quilt ones) and then I lost the first two that I made. Then I got the cards done on the very last day of November, but circumstances interrupted and now here I am on the THIRD day of December just getting the envelope that I prepared on the FIRST day into the actual mail box.

In my defense, our little town (we call it a city, but it’s really a town) hasn’t got mail boxes on every other corner like some real cities. But you can still buy stamps at the Post Office which is a real treat.

Anyway, here is a little peek for those of you who are left waiting.

This querulous Queen is lost somewhere in my house!

This is the “blackbird” Queen.

The verse I made up for her goes to the tune of the old children’s song,

“The Queen cried from the garden,

‘It’s raining fish, my Honey!”

This is Good Queen Cole! Her verse goes like this:

And last, but not least…The Quirky Queen

If you can get into her skirt (oops, I really had no idea how that would sound)

you can see what she really, really loves.

It says, “Loves a Masquerade Ball!”

and my name and date are embedded into the skirt too.

I am having fun doing backgrounds for the journals and planning the “Open the Door”

Book of visual journaling

(the one that will be door upon door.)

I even dreamed about it last night

I won’t be sharing the journal “per se” because it is just a little

store bought book, but naturally I have duded it up a bit

to make it more “mine”.

Oh and the best exciting news for today is that a friend has invited me and Jeff to a little artist retreat at her farm and I will be “arting” in her stone house studio! Oh I have never looked so forward to January in my whole life! Life really is a wonderland, if you just take it as it comes.

Have fun and remember all the Queen’s love you!


One thought on “Winter Wonderland

  1. They are ALL marvelous…you have a great sense of humor and love your art. Our loss for the late mail. : (( Keep up the ATC’s and yes, they would make great business cards…. I will check on your blog, as I love it. xoxo Basia

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