I love crayons! Yes I do. But the most dreamy crayons in the whole world are Caran D’Ache. Now I have only sipped of the nectar of their product line, but if the rest of their products are as luxurious and creamy as these (Neocolour soluble wax pastels ) then I must admit to covetousness. These crayons are so much fun to work with so today’s images will feature pages done with these.

Now that I have convinced you of their merits can I open a store devoted to art supplies because sadly in Owen Sound — a place teeming with artists — there is a paucity of REAL art supplies and the only wee shop that allows any has a policy that would curl even my hair. Consider that my rant for the day.

With an added prayer of gratitude for Dick Blick who is my lifeline when I’m snowed in and need to add a little colour in my life.

The reason I say Dick Blick rather than Curry’s (a Canadian supplier) is because I can order specific colours from “Dick” and Curry’s only sells these in “Sets of 10, 15, 30 & 40 crayons” and sometimes I just need a wider selection even if I only need a handful of colours.

You will notice that I used gesso on the two left pages of each spread. And you will certainly notice that the pages on the right are very soft and pastel compared to what I have showed you recently. I try to balance vivid and pastel pages so that I have some that will hold large stylistic quotes and others that will end up with text. And that said here is something that totally contradicts my “policy” and has text on top of more shout out loud color that is also dark. The text is darkly emotional. So they seemed to fit together.

I realize it’s not a pretty page, but the text and the imaging seemed to match.

This is not the only way I have dealt with negative feelings that I needed to journal.

Sometimes like this…

I have journaled and then gessoed over it
so that
I can release the feelings into the wilderness so to speak.
Like giving myself permission to wipe the slate clean
and begin again.


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