Sometimes journalling involves waiting. Waiting for gesso to dry. Waiting for paint to dry. Waiting for glue to dry. You get the picture. But sometimes journalling AND blogging involves waiting for the muse to appear. Today — realizing that it is the Sabbath, and the 4th Sunday in Advent — perhaps she is on sabbatical.

While I wait for glue, gesso, and paint to dry, I am trying to come up with a brilliant topic on which to blog. Nope, none yet. I’ll just keep the hands moving and see what happens. In the meantime, here’s a few more pages.

The yellow page of the spread is one of my favourites,               so here’s a closeup. It is entitled “Yallow” as a sort of tribute to my mother’s mother, Hazel May Scott (née Roddy). Who always pronounced her favourite colour “yalla”. I don’t know if this was her Irish accent coming out, though I do remember feeling embarrassed (as a kid) at her pronounciation of film complete with an extra vowel, filum, but when I studied English and the history of the language I found out that that is an old Irish/English pronunciation. So I try to remember Gran Hazel when I need a little humbling. Which is pretty much most of the time.

This spread was a lot of fun. And the page on the right side was easy peasy. I just dabbed my teabag (orange pekoe / English Breakfast) all over the page. Sometimes if you leave the bag crumpled up on the page (like here) you get all these little roses — like they dried away and left their impression on the page. That always makes me smile.

The page on the left is a combination of acrylic paint and a pigment used in airbrushing with just a dab of quinacridone gold/green. It probably looks better up close and personal, but maybe it will give you an inkling of what its potential is. Both of these pages are perfect for writing in because they are smooth (I sanded the one on the left so that it is really, really smooth). The other image on the right is from the paper towel that I was wiping off my desk with. Isn’t journalling just the most fun!? Even clean up is an opportunity for play.

I do hope that this last spread comes through true on your monitor because it is so bright and happy that it positively sings joy. The little rosettes on the left are from pressing bubblewrap on to the wet paint. The depth of colour comes from layering. A few light layers will give a far more effective final coat than will any mixing on the palette.

Well, that’s my hints for today. See you tomorrow. I will try to be more inspired and inspiring. For now just enjoy whatever is left of your “sabbath” and one last hint. Try to squeeze in a few “sabbath” moments for yourself EVERY DAY.

It’s snowing … not again … still…

Here is what it looks like at the bird feeder.

Pa and Ma Cardinal ( as my mum would call them ) taking turns at nibbling. We are so blessed to have these creatures jazzing up our winter wonderland. Thanks Mr. and Mrs. C!


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