Losing the light…

Tonight is Solstice…a very special solstice it is too. There will be a full blood moon AND  total eclipse of the moon. But sadly, we may not be able to view it because it is snowing…still snowing. It has been snowing all day very lightly, but that does mean that I am losing what little light there is/was today.

Sigh! and to top it off my camera battery needs recharging. It seems that the Fujifilm Finepix F80 battery life is infinitesimal. Which leads me to explain that today’s journalling pictures might leave a little to be desired. Once I get this all posted, I’ll consider whether or not it is worth it to you and to me to put these pictures up.

And I do so want to put them up because I have a neat idea. It will require a little audience participation. Perhaps there needs to be some enticement. A prize of some kind perhaps? I am open to suggestions.

Here is the first picture.

Now get ready, this is where you come in.

It is an exercise that I think is fun.

Hope you do too.

What I’d like to ask you to do is to really get involved with the areas of dark and light on the page.

What do you see? Remember to click on the image to get a bigger picture!

Perhaps you might even print it out and sketch into the image.

The picture you end up with will remind you of something that Brian Andreas

or Carla Sonheim might come up with.

Please visit their websites and see what I’m talking about.

Now once you have that sketched out. Scan it or photograph it and then send it to me at my email address:


Only you have to actually put in the punctuation that is named inside the brackets.

Then we will have a draw on the last day of 2010 to find a winner.

And when you send in your images let me know what you think is a good prize. Say a free workshop or a page from my journal that you really liked. Whatever is reasonable according to my judges will be honored. So have fun with this and please share.

And for inspiration here is a couple more pages.

What do you see in the negative and positive spaces in here?

And maybe there lurks

an image or two

in here >


And to all a clear sky tonight!


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