Okay, I apologize. If you have had time on your hands over the holiday season and if you then visited this blog you will have noticed that I have not posted since Christmas Day. So I have apologized to any of you who I have inconvenienced. I seriously doubt that anyone bothered because you all were doing what I was doing and that is taking a VACATION! Yes, you were and good on you too! It is heavenly, isn’t it?

And now I must share that I will be going on retreat and hence will not be posting until January 6th. That will be a gap in posting from Christmas to the 12th day (or Little Christmas if you prefer) (or Christmas if you are of the Orthodox (Eastern or Russian) persuasion).

But to appease you we will begin the contest then and I will publicize it better so that it will be a real contest and not just a way to award my most loyal friends and family members (which you might be able to count on the fingers of your hands).

And further by way of wishing you a happy new year I have some journal pages for you. I hope you enjoy them, once your eyeballs rejuvenate from whisking the old year out and welcoming 2011 in!

May it be a wonderful year for all. And fare thee well 2010…be glad to see your backside!



Portrait of the Artist from another dimension


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