Visioning 2011

Yes I am a little late in posting my visioning for 2011. What with the retreat visiting friends and family in London and ending up sick it’s been an uphill battle. But in the last couple of days, I have been inspired to add to my overall theme (vision word to me is an umbrella term) of MIDWIFE to also add a number of  “P” words. And for that inspiration I must thank a western friend (waving to Rosann!) for sharing her 8 words and the book that she made to help her keep track of her vision words for 2011. I hope she soon has her blog up and running so I can redirect you there, but for now At Loose Ends will have to suffice.

Here is my first P word page…

Sorry about the glare on that gleeful face, I’m working on that with the camera.


And speaking of cameras and pictures and fixing the results…I am taking a wonderful –

and what promises to be exciting – course from Lani. You just might want to sign up yourself!


Go here Collage Fun with Fotoshop Freedom

So that was just a quick post and now on to my New Year’s Day picture. It is a tradition around our house (photographer husband ya know) to take a zany picture of me on the first day of the year. It was incredibly and unseasonably warm so I took the opportunity to grab the car blanket and make a sarong while I shovelled off the deck. Yeah, I know the fashion police are on the way!



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