Word 3

Today’s word is “prepare”…First I’ll show you the 3 steps and then I’ll talk about what I mean by preparedness…

To more fully explain the text on the page, I have been rather sporadic in having the studio all set to go each day when I go in to work. Also I tend to work on too many projects all at one time and that just leaves me frazzled and disappointed with the outcomes.

The word “prepare” is to jog me to remember that I need to work on just a few projects and to compartmentalize them as best I can so that I don’t end up hanging by a thread…or if you’ll pardon me…at loose ends. ; – D

My plan (and that is part of preparedness isn’t it) is to work on one new project every 40 days, especially when they are cooperative or jointly shared projects. I also plan to blog and post one page per day. This is doable and still be able to fit my other “me” things in, like the Y four times a week. I go to aquafit 3 times, ballistics (core training) and Zumba on Tuesday evenings. Choir is Monday night. Then I want to meet a friend for coffee at least once a week and perhaps even get out to Helen’s to “play” on Thursdays once in a while. It means juggling the car like crazy, but we’ll figure something out.

I am also excited that I have a 6 week plan for delivering Creative Journaling sessions and I know my friend Margot out at Heron Croft Farm will be excited too! Lots to do, so planning and preparation is key!


2 thoughts on “Word 3

  1. Good word, Sus! Could have used that one myself – it’s pretty much the foundation to getting anything done, ’cause if I’m not prepared, it shows – sooner or later. Rosann 🙂

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