Artfully at loose ends…

There is an art to being at loose ends and for me being “At Loose Ends” is my way of supporting and encouraging others to live that artful necessity in life where we admit that we are not in control. That we are interconnected with everything and everyone…like it or not. So the word for today is prayer…because a prayerful attitude is just about the only way I can imagine living at loose ends gracefully and artfully.

But let’s expand on that word…and instead what I want to do/be is to immerse myself in the potent practice of prayer (and the flip side of prayer is meditation). This means that I can’t just pretend to pray — that won’t change me and it is hypocrisy to even suggest that it might. No it means actually practicing prayer…in every moment of my life. And here I would humbly refer you to Karen Kaezen Miller‘s article on kindness and here for her article on how to practice compassion…which in my opinion is what the “potent practice of prayer” is all about.

That said, I must admit to being a failure more than 20% of the time and often up to 80% of the time. You know why that is? Well…I’ll tell ya…it’s because I try to hard and then failure is inevitable.

So here’s a peek at the page. Feedback is welcomed. Did I actually capture what I meant to? Any thoughts on this topic? Please…is anybody out there!?

And onward…

Here is a sneak preview of the next spread in my journal…

Now I’d like to propose a contest…a real contest…

I am enlisting your help. First I’ll show you a close up of the left page. It’s going to be for the word, poetry. That’s settled.

But here is where your feedback is required. Absolutely necessary.

I only have one day for that feedback, so I do hope you’ll give this some thought.

Originally I thought the page on the right would be for the word, presence. But now it has become a contest among four potentials.

Here are the

choices  in no

particular order…

I won’t tell which way I am leaning, but if you are the lucky one to guess it, you will win a piece of   my (he)ART.     Big smile. ;-D

Come on! Play! You know you want to.

1)  proclaim

2) partner

3)  provoke

4) presence

So pick one and put it in a comment for the page and let’s see who wins! Well, I think if we are all on a journaling journey…we ALL do! Yeah! for us.

Oh and you do know that you can click on any picture to embiggen it, and you can do that more than once. You can get the page so large that you can read the fine print as if it were a large font book! Ooh then you’ll be reading my mind, won’t you?


4 thoughts on “Artfully at loose ends…

  1. Hmmm… I like your original choice of ‘presence.’ What comes to mind is ‘showing up,’ as in “your presence is requested….” and how practicing presence opens you to the simple, divine gifts, or ‘presents,’ that are visible all around.
    That’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it! 😉 Rosann

  2. Yes, I think your original choice would be my choice too, lol! “Presence” as in what is here when all the egos and stories and “stuff” is released.

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