Well this is seriously not working. This poetry page and the blog too! I just finished getting the page ready and for the first time ever in wordpress it just refused to find the draft then told me I couldn’t do something (I’ll never know what” and then when I tried to publish it was blank.

Okay…so let’s start over.

This poetry page is definitely not working…

Here is a little flashback for you…

Here is where I ended up this morning…

You may have noticed that I forgot to cross the “t”…

You may also notice that the ink is decidely gloppy…a technical term I have for when the ink is to be dumped!

But here you will notice even with the “t” crossed this page is definitely not poetic. I pondered about prettying it up…adding some pink and mauve flowers, but decided that this page was beyond redemption. So it’s history!

I am sharing this with you for two reasons. First, it’s not a disaster if you don’t like something that you’ve put in your journal.

Second this applies to life…it is okay to start over afresh.


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