Poetryis finished!

Well, there you go! The page is finished.

Doesn’t look remotely like the first peek, now, does it? Although I did love the effect I got when I smushed the wax paper over the wetted painted background. Kind of looked like the sand when the waves have been gently lapping over it…

But the old spilling of gesso and the over zealous “fixing” of mistakes (and yes there are legitimate “mistakes”) …but…as you can plainly see…they CAN be fixed, amended, repaired…and sometimes (though sadly not always) you get a result that speaks to you and says what the piece (and hence you) were trying to say. Think on that for a second or so and then I’ll continue with the rationale of the Poetry page.

Great! I like the way you think! Now here is the circle opened up…

Each of the six cards is a letter in the word…

And here is where the journalling will take place.

Then you’ll be able to see how I see the word poetry is impacting my vision of 2011…

Talk soon!


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