Delinquent blogger apologetics

Yes, yes, it’s true. Once again, I have been a delinquent blogger. If you are a regular follower then I do apologize. If not…well, then, you really won’t have noticed anything anyway so please come back soon and you will see that I usually blog more frequently.

And no I haven’t been living in a cave…that would have been rather more pleasant.

The problem you see is that family matters, urgent, pressing family matters have gotten in the way of blogging. My imposed “vacation” from blogging is coming to an end though. Next week things promise to relent and my time for art will be freed up as will I.

There will be much reporting of journal techniques and progress with my visioning words. There will. I promise. Yes, there will.

See you next week. We’ll laugh about this all later.

Keep smiling and keep journaling … though I haven’t been blogging, I have continued to journal up a storm. In fact, there may even be miracles in the offing.


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