Elephants and Roses and Rage

I’ve decided to do a fairly long and graphic heavy post (like that’s something new!) because I have neglected y’all for so long.

So here goes…

This past week was a frustrating one and so my first page will outline my … shall we say…frustration…

Top: –>

and bottom …of the page.

There is no journaling…by the time I finished working on the page, there was no need for further comment.

Next page I did this week was from a small piece of paper in a little book from Dollarama (a surprisingly great place to find collage and journaling materials. I even found a really nice tiny journal for $2 Canadian (which is pretty much at par with the US dollar right now)

It’s called “Old Roses”.

Here is the

detail of the top:–>and the bottom

of the page…

the midsection as you can see

has no journaling just yet. This page is the right hand side of a spread to my mum. She loved roses and at one time had a lovely rose garden…I will spend some time musing about her in her gardens here…

Now for the elephant…

This page owes much of its inspiration to Carla Sonheim

The image that this link on her homepage is also on the back cover of her book, “Drawing Lab for Mixed-Media Artists: 52 Creative Exercises to Make Drawing Fun” which you can buy at Amazon (follow the link). I highly recommend that you do purchase it. Whether you think you can “draw” or not, this book will free up your ability to put more of yourself in your pages.


Anyway, my elephant is kin to Carla’s…

She is collaged with sections from an article on caves in National Geographic from eons ago.


Details follow…

Well except for the eyes…an ad for a sale on baby items…


tusk and inner ear from a paper inside

the middle of an old issue of

Somerset Studios


That’s all she wrote for today…

see you maybe Tuesday. Have fun with collage!


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