To the left is my original journal collage

based on Brian Andreas’  StoryPeople quote,

“Someday, the light will shine like a sun through my skin.

And they will say “What have you done with your life?”

And though there are many moments I think I will remember

… in the end I think I will be proud to say, “I was one of us.”

I was pleased with the original page,

but since I am taking Lani’s Collage Class I had the bright idea to play with it using Photoshop Elements and “digitize” it…

To the right is the result…sadly I have noticed

–too late i fear– that I spelled though with a “t” on the end.

It’s good, I guess…

They both satisfy me.

In the collage on the left…I particularly like the heart aflame

which I must confess was pure accident…

as in all collage

as in all art

what we conceive

may indeed

have it’s own “mind”

and hence the outcome

may differ from our original conception…

Still something tells me that I enjoy the


of the components of a collage.

That is to say, I like to use my hands.

I played with layers, healing brushes, brushes, smudging…and adding text.

I learned a lot and I think I could master this, but all the while I was on the computer

pushing my mouse around and “undoing” many of the steps to fix them…

my hands and fingers were itching to touch the screen and just do what I wanted to do.

I hope you’ll tell me which one you prefer and why though.

Because I’d like to think that there will come a day when I’ll need/want to do this more.

I’m sure that eventually I will gain enough skill to actually enjoy doing a completely digital collage.

Right now…I think I need encouragement to keep on this steep learning curve.



8 thoughts on “

  1. They’re both very cool, Sus – you did a great job! The digitized collage appears smoother and more vibrant, and it would be fun to manipulate and layer different elements and photos. I love the effect that’s achieved! But like you, my fingers and hands would be itching to touch, and missing texture and dimension. That said, DO continue, particularly if you can foresee using this.

    • Thanks so much Rosann…it is hard to learn something new, especially when it seems that every day there is something new that one must learn. But your comments give me concrete elements that might require the photoshopping. I really appreciate your encouragement!

  2. I totally agree with Rosann, and I think digitized does not take away anything from hands on work. It’s just an additional art layer or tool. Don’t ever give up the hands on work, not ever!

    • I think that too Lani;
      I think that totally digital is quite a ways off, but there is definitely a time and a place for it in collage. I won’t (couldn’t dream of it) give up the hands on, but I am grateful for what I have learned in your class. It is good to keep on stretching and growing in your art…or whatever skill you take on. It is way better when you have inspiring mentors! Thanks for that!

  3. First let me acknowledge that the work itself is fresh, original, creative, very lovely and very evocative — and retains all those attributes in both versions.

    The process of digitizing work always replaces some heavier aspects of the piece with light – a change that usually adds life, but can sometimes detract from the original. Generally, I like the effect on my own pieces.

    And I like it with yours, too.


  4. I like the digitized version best, aside from the words. I think the words look better handwritten, but I like the smoothness of the digitization. I feels more “real” to me.

    • Gee, Kate thanks for your comment. Learning Photoshop Elements is a steep learning curve, but I’m hearing that it’s worth the effort. Now I need to work on techniques to make collages right in PSE and skip the manual step. Not that I’d ever completely stop doing the manipulative collage process…it’s just too satisfying, but it is encouraging to know that I can always improve on these if and when necessary.

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