Election business = busy-ness

The studio sits waiting…while I join many, many others in trying to put forth accurate information during this frenzy.

Just a little view of Kimberley Love’s Campaign Office on Kick-Off Day.

Any of the “links” will show you the whole slide show of the Event…

including … me with a tireless volunteer, Bill Moses


Ruth Henderson welcoming people at the door!


a proud Kim supporter sporting his RED shirt!

Visit the Office on 2nd Street in Owen Sound right next door to the Downtown Bookstore (maybe you can stop in there too and browse the shelves while sipping on a wonderful cup of coffee)…

May should see me back in the studio, the garden, having a break with friends…But for now this election is one of the most important things to attend to.


2 thoughts on “Election business = busy-ness

  1. Suzanna,
    I like your integrative thinking. It’s the only way to go – one life is all we get and it can’t be compartmentalized into spiritual / political, etc. Thank you for sharing with me. Graham

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