And the living is easy, right?

The skies are magnificent!

But wait….

Maybe you’re even busier than ever. Wait! Stop! On this peek-a-boo sunny summer’s day on the cusp of summer … slow down… spend some time outdoors…walk a little more…relax a little more…eat outside…turn off the TV and watch for fireflies instead.

Today over at Jamie Ridler’s it’s wishcasting Wednesday…a wonderful Wednesday practice. Go, visit, see, and immerse yourself in wonderment. What would you wish for? Ponder. Wonder. Wish. Sit and savour the potential of that wish. Go…see…join us…

Jamie Ridler’s Wishcasting

Oh, yes, what do i wish for … this summer i want to stretch, grow, bloom like the flowers in my garden, naturally, unpretentiously, more an unfoldment than a rapid change. This summer is my time to become who i am truly meant to be. I can feel it so close. Now all i need is for you to hold that wish in your heart to help me to fulfill that. And when you post your own wish, i promise, i’ll do the same for you. Simple isn’t it…how spirit works.


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