Wherein i ponder music, diversity, change and other necessities of life

Wishcasting Wednesday once again at Jamie Ridler’s Studio. And as my sisters wish for themselves so i too wish for them!

Yes, once again Wednesday rolls around…seemed to come at me out of the blue this time. Why? I spent a 4 day weekend in London, Ontario at Sunfest. While there i got to remember and realize how much i missed the diversity and creativity of the city i call home. We also attended the wedding of a dear friend who i attended Huron University College (Theology) with.

That said, i do love it here in Owen Sound on the shores of Georgian Bay……much to love… but what i do miss is diversity and creativity.

Not to say there’s any scarcity of creative types, artists abound, but pretty much we all look the same. Difference isn’t tolerated too well here. And i am different.

But i don’t mean to insinuate that there is no hope. And one of my wishes is that those of us who want to propel change will gather together and make that happen. One of the movers in that change is Joshua David Richardson, a local musician who felt there was room for more diversity in the music scene so he started OTHERfolk (website) which is the night before the big hometown summer festival called, aptly enough, Summerfolk (website here). We are working OTHERfolk, come see us at Norma Jean’s from 6:30-10:30, Thursday, August 18th. We are also working Summerfolk… visit us at the Philosopher’s Cafe … actually it is just the Cafe, but i like to call it that! There is music there too. Here is a pic from a couple of years back…from this you can see why i enjoyed working at this venue in the park.

So much for all the plugs…what my wish for today is that i can be a part of the change i wish to see here in Owen Sound. That’s why i came here…well aside from the fact that my husband took a job here…but that was a conscious choice…to come here i mean. He is a photographer (by affection and with great skill) and we have been coming up here to hike the trails and gape in awe at the landscape. It seemed a natural to choose to retire here. I have had many misgivings about that, but i am here now, and for the time being i am stuck here. So instead, of griping, moaning, and berating what is missing here, how stuck in same old, same old, it is here, how many kicks i’ve taken while trying to earn a livelihood…you get the drift…i am wishing that i will learn to love the place as much as i love the natural wildness that surrounds me here.

Any suggestions about how i learn how to make that difference by seeing things in a different light would be more than welcome.


13 thoughts on “Wherein i ponder music, diversity, change and other necessities of life

  1. Yes… gather together and make change happen, love it!
    The power of positive thinking, as a large group… very moving indeed. :]
    As you wish for yourself, I wish for you as well.

  2. Look for others who appreciate that same about the area as you (hiking, music, etc.) and start your own group of join one. Meetup.com is a great source to find like-mind locals. As you wish for yourself so I wish for you also.

  3. As you wish for yourself, I wish for you also.

    When I moved to a new place, I found everything free (newspaper, usually) and went to it. Museums, art things, markets, etc. It got me doing things I might now have tried and I completely justified it by saying ‘I’m not spending any money’. Found out I liked museums, but wasn’t a fan of museums of modern art. (Heads in baskets? Really??)

  4. Give all your focus to the good and all your attention to gratitude and everything will flow from there.

    Start calling it “home”…..and let go of the old.

    As you wish for yourself so I lovingly wish this for you also.

  5. As you wish for yourself so I wish for you too 🙂

    Not really a suggestion, but I would ask – what is the external mirroring within you? Have you ever done any intuitive soul collage work? Fascinating stuff and can be very revealing …… by changing our inner perception, often means our outer changes too. And if the physical circumstances don’t change, then perhaps just a shift in our own perception can help 🙂

    • Food for thought even if you don’t want to call it a suggestion. I think i’ll follow up and do some research on this intuitive soul collage work. I’ve done it before … i think … with Tim Scorer. Could be powerful. I do not feel so alone…and that is a good start.

  6. As you wish for yourself, I wish for you also. My suggestion is to keep doing what you’ve done here: find things about your new situation that you LOVE and build your appreciation and gratitude for the place you will now call home, put out there what would make it even better and find the people who want that too. I bet that underneath the intolerance of ‘different’ is ‘unique’ dying to get out!!! You’re a pioneer here to show them that different is way cooler than ‘same’. 😀

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