Full Raspberry Moon

I know … the irony does not escape me!

Jamie Ridler has been inspiring me of late. And so i decided to do a full moon vision board for this past full moon.
Although Jamie calls it Full Buck Moon, i have always been taught that it is the 2nd sacred berry or Raspberry Moon.

But, then new grandson James made his appearance and attention turned away…for just a moment and the intent of raspberry moon had to take an about face…my family doesn’t need raising, at least not by me. They are all grown and flown.

And that got me to thinking…how can i follow Raspberry Moon’s intent for this time in my life. Aha! i have been needing to create a business plan AND a plan for Fall when i return to Huron to finish my MTS. So page rescued, intent set, everyone wins! Don’t you just love when that happens?

Yeah, me too.

Here are closeups. Just click to enbiggen,


8 thoughts on “Full Raspberry Moon

    • Oh we’re lucky…we have 4 berry moons for the 4 sacred berries! Strawberry (June), Raspberry (July), Blueberry (August), Cranberry (September) then comes Three Sisters (corn, beans, squash)…March is Real Sugar (Maple Syrup) Would you say we like to eat? LOL

  1. Ahhh, Raspberries! I have been getting all kinds of berries to come my way of late. A case of blueberries, dewberry jelly…mmmmm. I wish you a MOONth filled with brilliant dreams come true. Good luck with that business plan! Let us know how it goes.

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