Finding your sacred…

This is one spread i am working on today…along with one other…no where near finished, but thought i’d share it so far…

So far just finished the collage process…more to come!

But wait, there’s more! I am searching to express my own spirituality. It may not be yours; may not resonate with you…and that’s a good thing. Our spirituality needs to be deeply our own … and it may need redefining now and again. Spirituality isn’t some mumbo jumbo stuff either. It is (in my own opinion) what makes us human. But it doesn’t need to be separate and apart from religion. And religion doesn’t necessarily mean organized religion either. Religion (as many of you will know) comes from “the Latin religiō, the ultimate origins of which are obscure” which gives us the English word (go here to see my sources) with an equally misunderstood or at best confusing array of “meanings”. Not only can the meaning be interpreted in many ways, but the word … like many others … has a connotative meaning … which means it is emotionally loaded and laden. Perhaps you have had an enlightenment similar to this wonderful lady! For me this has great significance and forces me to examine and re-examine what i mean by both the words spirituality and religion.

I am a Christian. I was born into a family who revered Jesus and his teachings. That shaped me and still forms and informs me. Now, that said, i must confess to a heap of misgivings about “church” and the hierarchy (and patriarchy) that has given fodder for the many who would poopoo any attachment to “religion” because they believe that the two are intertwined and inseparable. Perhaps that is true. Perhaps not. Perhaps it invites inspection and introspection. That’s what these pages will do. See you tomorrow with more progress.

Pssst…if you’ve gotten this far you deserve a little bon mot or tidbit … i prefer the definition that Joseph Campbell and Tom Harpur prefer.

More about that tomorrow! Bet you can hardly wait…. smiling and chuckling to herself on this blistering hot day on the shores of Georgian Bay!


6 thoughts on “Finding your sacred…

  1. These are really beautiful, Susanna! I can’t wait to hear the finished product.

    And while I don’t really call myself a Christian anymore, I’m definitely a Jesus person 🙂 I look forward to hearing more of your story!

    • Good not to label ourselves…the boxes are too confining … and people then think they know what you are about. Labels aren’t working for me lately either. Maybe never did.

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