Well, yeah, it’s the dog days of summer. Humidity higher than the hot. And here’s what happens when you take out the wax paper insert between pages during times like these…

Grrr grumble grumble.

Upside? 1. all four pages were in their infancy stages so not too loud a wail from me. 2. makes room for more pop-ups, inserts, and the like. Short of it…i get to play a little more. But still… I hate to lose even one page.

So how did i let those feelings go? How did i hoist my canteen out of the down and dirty dumps?

I journaled of course!

Nothing better to shake the blues, for me, than to get out the scissors, the glue, my files of images from old magazines etc. and some pens and watercolour crayons and just go to it.

Often when there is no strong impetus…i’ll just reach into the text box and pull out a couple of words and phrases and force myself to come up with something.

In a pinch i will fall back on some themes i have cooking on the back burner.

Closeups for those detail oriented…

Even with this page the humidity seems to have messed with the setting of the blue Sharpie pen i used for the lettering. You can see a smudge at the ts of the word gets where the ink smeared. Just remember to chant this mantra…”it’s the process that counts…it’s the process that counts…it’s the process that counts…om mani padme hum.”

I take my own photographs of my journal pages. It’s another part of the process…a learning, growing, stretching kind of place for me.

If you’re feeling slightly wonky or adrift at sea…give it a try and see what comes of it. Just get into the process and have a whale of a time.

(These photo credits go to Jeff Suchak of Mythic Landscape


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