Nourishing dreams…

“There is power in wishing – putting your wishes out there sets mighty forces into action” … Donnaonthebeach

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For the past few weeks i have been joining Jamie Ridler and a great group of wonderful wild women in Wishcasting and it has been wonderful, wondrous, miraculous (dare i even say it aloud?). And i want to encourage anyone who happens upon my blog today, my regular readers, someone who stumbled on to this post by accident…please, do this. Put your wishes, your hopes, your dreams out there…in a safe place, with a tribe who will support you. If you have some real, live, flesh and blood peeps…great on you. If not, find some. We live in a wondrous age when you can feel supported and part of a community though we all live in our own little corner of this beautiful blue marble that is Earth.

It does work. Tomorrow i hope i am home in time from the doc (heck, i might just change my appointment) to participate in a chance to make a dreamboard. I have started collecting things for August full moon’s dreamboard, but that’s not all i want to do.

I want to dream big, bigger than i’ve ever dreamed before. And i want to make it happen…or at the very least help the Universe to open up and let it happen. Nourish my dreams which feed my “business” which is to help people to come together into “tribes” (it’s a metaphor) so that they can nourish their own dreams. I’d like to do this vis à vis (face to face). I want to bring people together in a space and place that nourishes them, to write, to journal, to make beauty in their lives.

Because what i do is important. People depend on me. Most of them don’t even know that yet, but as i nourish this wish or wish this nourishment … they will, in time, come to realize that we can connect and that the result will be exponential to what either of us is or can become. I believe that.

My tribe supports me. My family supports me. So i am going to nourish that belief. And maybe someday, we’ll be together in a retreat centre, sharing peace and blessings, and supporting each other’s dreams, encouraging each other’s self-trust, and won’t that be fine!

May all your wishes be supported. May all your dreams manifest. May you blossom into your very best you! May it be so.

As you wish for yourself, so i too fervently and reverently wish for you!


19 thoughts on “Nourishing dreams…

  1. Oh Oh Oh, am I part of the “great group of wonderful wild women”???? YES! As you wish for yourself, I wish also for you. I made my very first dream board and its on my post today. Please post yours so we can see too.

  2. Love me some Wild Women 😉

    I love what you say about your business…connecting people into “tribes”. It’s such an important work and so needed. Many of us feel ‘tribeless’ at times (unless we count our online tribe – which is HUGELY supportive!).

    Go big or go home, isn’t that what they say? LOL

    As you wish BIG for yourself, I wish BIG for you as well! xox

  3. Wishingcasting on wednesdays is something I’ve been doing now for more than a year and I do feel it has helped me completely transform my life!

    As you wish for yourself I so lovingly wish this for you also, xx

  4. I can see how focused that dream of yours is. It seems to be pushing its way into reality. As you wish for yourself, so I wholeheartedly wish for you as well.

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