Wishing can open doors…

Jamie Ridler has got me to dreaming. Dreaming big. Dreamboards and all. And she has also got me connected to a tribe of wishcasters. We do our wishcasting on Wednesdays and join each other in supporting all of those dreams and wishes and I’m absolutely certain that if you wanted to join us absolutely everyone would welcome you in with open arms…Today we are wishing to open doors. And we invite you in!

Join me as I cast wishes and dream big imagining doors opening, inviting in creativity, newness, and enthusiastic adventuring…

It is a time just within our grasp, not yet, but not far away.

It is autumn in the country. The sky is that intense blue,

the clouds scuttle across the sky.

The Bay is aglow with a million star-like sparkles.

The air is crisp and everywhere your eye falls it is passionate purple

Photo Credits to Jeff Suchak

sparkled with opals and oranges, scarlets and golds.

Photo Credits to Jeff Suchak http://mythiclandscape.com

I can see it now. I know what my wonderful wish for today is:

I wish to open the door to Songbird haven,


bringing in an armful of wildflowers; cooking a hearty breakfast for me and my hubby.

Then off to open the door to Back Bay Studio


to prepare for the next group of retreatants coming to tap into their wild and wonderful selves through a series of profoundly passionate and pleasurable journaling experiences. I will be their companion and guide through this process.

You are invited and I am so looking forward to sharing time with you here in this place we reverence with its natural stained glass.

And we will all be opening doors to deeper understanding of where we fit into the universe,

Photo Credits to Jeff Suchak http://mythiclandscape.com

where we are called to share our gifts, and where we need to take those next small steps into our wild and precious lives. This is where we will weave together all those loose ends into an incredibly rich and precious tapestry.

I am so glad you are joining me…


22 thoughts on “Wishing can open doors…

  1. Oh my gosh!! WHY don’t I live closer??? I know I would absolutely LOVE your retreats (I can tell, because I fell in love with your photos and with SongBird Heaven! I want to live there, in a home that looks just like that! 🙂 (I’m a bird freak myself!! :)…)

    What’s for breakfast???

    As you wish for yourself, I wish for you also!

      • YUMMMMMY! 🙂 (might have to dollop some of that creme fraiche in my coffee, too…shhhhh…don’t tell my waistline! LOL) xox

  2. As Susannasays wishes, I wish for also! What adventure, I love it! And nothing better than a hearty breakfast. Nice. Enjoy the creativity and wildness of life! Thank you also for helping me with my wish, it really made me smile and even giggle. 🙂

  3. This wish is so beautiful. I could easily picture myself at your retreat. What a wonderful dream. As you wish for yourself, I wish for you as well.

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