Wishing for … inspiration

“You are looking outward, and above all you should not do so now. Nobody can counsel or help you, nobody. There is one single way. Go into yourself. Search for the reason that bids you write; find out whether it is spreading its roots in the deepest places of your heart.” ~~Rainer Marie Rilke

It is tempting for me to look elsewhere for answers, but today as i join my tribe and Jamie Ridler for Wishcasting Wednesday in responding to the question that Jamie posed to us, “What inspiration do you wish to follow?” i wallowed around and rattled around grasping for who, what, how i could be inspired.

You see, i was on my way to the hospital to have my right shoulder x-rayed. It’s been paining me for months now and so finally we all decided that an MRI and x-ray was in order. The MRI is almost a month away, but today was x-ray day…and i really wasn’t rejoicing over having my already sore shoulder being manipulated and shot through with nuclear activity. But as it turns out it was easy peasy. So once again i had to remind myself that i do have a tendency to “awfulize” and that i needed to get back into Rick Hanson’s book, “Buddha’s Brain” and get into the practice in earnest.

But that is not who and what i will be inspired by. No. though i have in the past and will again in future days.

No, what i need to heed is the quote i came across quite by accident (though there are none, nor are there any coincidences in my Universe) It is from one of my favourite poets (though the list is admittedly long), Rainer Marie Rilke.

It begins this post. And so i invite you, my tribe, my faithful friends to join me in wishing for me what i am wishing for myself. May it be so!

And let me know what you are wishing for…i’d love to send vibrations of sunshine and hope your way too.


17 thoughts on “Wishing for … inspiration

  1. First of all I have to say what a BEAUTIFUL photograph of you that is! Oh, it’s breathtaking! (and whatever the issue with your shoulder, I hope if heals quickly and without surgery!!)

    I totally hear what you’re saying. It’s all an inside job, isn’t it? Wilke is one of my very favorite poets of all time – his wisdom is astounding! I’m sending all of my Wishing Vibes your way! As Susanna wishes for herself, I wish for her as well!

  2. A beautiful post. I too have a sore shoulder that I have been ignoring because I tend to “awfulize” also, so I can relate to how you are feeling.
    I am sending you healing thoughts for your shoulder; may your pain be lessened, and may you recover quickly.

    As you wish for yourself, so I wish for you also.

  3. i love the video, i love Rilke, i love this special quote – i already feel SUPER inspired. great post : )
    As you wish for yourself, so I wish for you also.

  4. As you wish for yourself, So I wish for you also. ~ namaste ~ Carol (Share the Creative Journey)

    What you have written and Rilke’s quote resonates deeply within my soul ~ thanks for being you!

  5. spreading roots … and now envisioning those linear tracks becoming words … peaceful inspiration

    [and may your shoulder fell better soon! would you like reiki? 15 minute intensive … free :]

    as you wish i shall wish for you as well

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