I’m a winner!

Short post…Big news

Tangerine Meg

had a contest (you really should go see her blog) And then you’re going to want to hop on over to the shop and browse the magical, vivid and very joyful art she makes. I am so over the moon about this. And you know what else. She has the kind of humour that just puts you in a good mood for the rest of the day. I say only the day because you’ll want to visit everyday…she is that funny/sweet/quirky … Well that’s about it for today. Have a wonderful weekend everyone and see you Wednesday for sure.

We have Owen for the week, so i’ll imagine my blogging time will be severely limited and happily so for he is a special young man.

Soon to be SEVEN years old!

Oh and did I tell you that his mother Kate, is now a nurse? NO? How could that have slipped by without my mentioning it? Isn’t she wonderful…that’s a rhetorical question. Of course she is…she is our daughter!


One thought on “I’m a winner!

  1. Hellooo Susanna!
    I’ve come to visit you, and have a cup of virtual tea and a chat 🙂 Thanks for the ‘shout out’!
    Just look at that wonderful baby smile 🙂
    ‘See’ you soon!
    Love Meg x o

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