Jamie Ridler says, “You can be a maker of magic and a tender of wishes. It’s easy.” And while it may not always be “easy” it is possible and so i invite you to join us in wishing today.

We respond to the prompt, “What do you wish to enjoy?” And though i tried to get a very early start today, i’m stumped. Yes, can you imagine, me, at a loss for words? Well, worse than that i’m stumped for a wish. So i’ll sit here and ponder a bit…

Oaky doakey so that’s just an ATC i made for a friend. We are working through Carol Lloyd’s book, “Creating a Life Worth Living” and there is an exercise called, Life is… and you fill in the blank until you can’t think of anymore things to say. I had a sizeable list, or so i thought, until i saw my friend rosann’s. Wow! she has a whole page!

Here is the front of cookie crumbles…

And the other two…

And then i am following links to Karen Maezen Miller and find this…

“Do you abandon yourself to preoccupations with the past?”

in a post on “parenting” of all things….

Wherein she says, “We don’t see our lives clearly when we live it as though it has an external object and outcome.”

In other words, how you parent (or more actually how you “mother”) yourself is as important as how you mother the children, the people in your life. And that got me to thinking… If i were to parent myself as i had parented my children what would that mean? I mean we try to be good parents, even great parents, but we don’t have the toe tags that should come with a care and maintenance label for each child who comes into our lives. We grow together or we grow apart. And there is no judgment entailed in that statement, nor should there be.

But parenting roles change…and change…and change. As with our children so with our selves. We need to change how we “mother” our selves as we change. It’s not so hard to find “me” time now. But it is just as important. It’s not so hard to eat right, get enough sleep, or read a book either. It is hard though to not beat myself up for what i coulda woulda shoulda done. And that ties in with last week’s post in which i wished that i could stop that! Still working on it.

But if i give up on that stuff, what to wish to enjoy? I have it!

I think for today, just for today, i’m going to wish to enjoy letting go of the past. The mistakes, and the dreams, and the plans, and the degrees i haven’t finished. Just for today, and maybe for a bunch of tomorrows I am going to enjoy that the past is past and that i have to plow a whole new path into an unknown future. And, you know, that’s a goodenough wish for me, for now, for today.

So today what i’m wishing to enjoy is “Shooting for the Moon!” Hope you can join me in wishing this for me. Thanks…


21 thoughts on “Enjoy…

  1. Letting go of the past is so very hard to do. So is stopping beating up on yourself. I know both well. I need to do them too. HUGS. Start living today. Soar to the moon!

    As you wish for yourself, so I wish for you also!

  2. What’s that saying? Shoot for the moon, and if you miss, you’ll land amongst the stars?? 🙂

    SHINE ON and let that past go! (great post on parenting, too…really feeling that one lately!)

    As you wish for yourself, I wish for you as well!

    • Exactly, Janece. The stars isn’t too shabby a place to spend some time. The moon getting a little crowded nowadays anyway! Thanks for the words of support! A great tribe of wishcasters to spur me on.

  3. I´m very interested in the self parenting concept. I have a teen and a preteen and although I could see the difference in parenting for them, I hadn´t seen it for me.
    As Susanna wishes for herself, so I wish for her also.

    • Hard to see how important it is to self parent sometimes when you are in the active midst of parenting children. Once you are able to set yourself apart it is more evident. B/c we need to be nurtured, disciplined, guided, and encouraged…all of us…for ever.

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