They’re here!

Wow, that was fast!

I’ll have to post images during my wishcrafting Wednesday, but just had to give a shout out to Meg at TangerineMeg and let her know that my package of cards arrived in today’s post, no wait, make that yesterday’s post. The mail arrived later than usual…too close to supper for me to post this.

Any way…treat yourself and please visit Meg and see her bold art for bold souls (wish i’d said that) — but my art isn’t bold, not like Meg’s is. But you know, i think i may be inspired to let my writing get bold and honest and really, truly me. I practiced in a meeting today and though i could have done better, I did it and that’s just fine too. Speaking my own truth shall be my own bold art form from this day on. And the only reason i’m putting this up here is that i’d like you who read this to hold me accountable and bolster me to keep on track. Even if i am a black sheep…i’m in great company!


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