Saying no?

Jamie Ridler posts her usual prompt for Wishcasting Wednesday.

“What do you wish to say no to?” My head reels with the long list. Which do i pronounce? Can i actually say no? So i visit others’ sites. Yes, this wishcasting is done in community…a construct that is pivotal to who i am and how i define my long and varied career choices. They all add up to community building, which i now prefer to call, creating my own tribe.

Today is also “Facebook Reads Day” and I have just lately said yes to my burning need to read. Writers not only write, they read…voraciously!

I am spurred to share a quote from Beth Powning‘s book, Shadow Child which i just began to read last night…”…I abandon it. I don’t understand the degree to which I will regret this decision later, or the way in which this feeling of acquiescence, which I think is agreement, becomes familiar and a pattern that’s hard to break. I know that there’s a warped feeling left, once I’ve made the decision to abandon my plan. I’m like a child who knew she shouldn’t let go of her balloon string, but thought it was the right thing to do.”

Ah, yes…all the nos i should be saying “talk to the hand” to can be summed up in that one small group of words…I will say no to acquiescence and believing it to be agreement. I will focus on saying yes only when i have weighed it against my values, my gut instincts, my heart. I will say no more often then, but i will say it slowly and with careful measure. I can then also say no to regret. Nuff said.

I will say yes to nasturtiums and apricot jam.

I will say yes to pears and peaches in season.

I will say yes to the comforts of curling up under an old quilt in front of the fire immersed in a great book/read (because some of those reads are on my Kindle).

I will say yes to the me that goes barefoot, communes with nature and hikes the trails. Yes! Come October.

All photocredits to me but the art is definitely the bold loveliness of Meg’s cards.  See Tangerine Meg for much more!


26 thoughts on “Saying no?

  1. oooooh. the cards are LOVELY!!! Here’s to you and you following your hearts “Yeas” and “Nays” easily and effortlessly!

    As you wish for yourself, I wish for you as well 🙂

    • Thanks Cindy. That quote really struck me. I don’t think we are even aware that we often acquiesce and believe that we are actually agreeing. Another need to pay attention, be mindful.

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