Thought i’d get your attention! Who likes that word. But really it’s just another way of saying “practice” which is a word that describes a process for improvement and a word that also describes the process of discerning Spirit in our lives. (Check out Tara Gentile’s blog post about practice when you click on the link in the word practice)

Practice might also be referred to as routine. Routine can be framed as rhythm … and who couldn’t use a little rhythm and rhyme in their lives? Get up and dance!

So i have joined in with that wonderful woman up / east of me in the Big Apple of Canada (i prefer to call it the big, juicy tomato ’cause i love those delicious Essex County beefsteaks!). Jamie Ridler has formed a group who will provide encouragement, support, and best of all…accountability to keep doing those Morning Pages — that discipline that is one of the basic tools that Julia Cameron first introduced us to in The Artist’s Way.

So my images today will show the cover i made for my composition book (you know the kind, found at Dollar Stores everywhere…marbled heavy cardstock covers and lined pages). I use these for my Morning Pages because i don’t want to “waste” my good journals or sketch books on them. Not because they aren’t ever so treasured, but because i find that the cost, the loveliness, the preciousness of those other journals inhibit my free expression.

Sometimes those 3 pages (the recommended number) aren’t quite enough. I have to write in the margins, make new lines on the top, even spill over onto the 4th or 5th pages. Perhaps i am a bit more loquacious than you. Perhaps i just have more “stuff” to unload. At any rate here’s a peek…you don’t get to see inside. I don’t even look or re-read for a very long time.








Collaging these covers was an activity that my eldest daughter, my 13 year old grandson and i did one day while they were visiting and the weather was being very uncooperative for beach or hiking activities. We scrabbled through my rather extensive containers of clippings from magazines, clipped out more from magazines i hadn’t scavaged, and then covered the whole lot with clear adhesive backed vinyl to preserve them. It was fun then and every day when i pick up the journal i am reminded of the time we spent together.

Hope you join us in practice or just in spirit! It’s a journey… that’s life!


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