Week Two — Land

Early morning view near Irish Block Road / Grey County taken: September 10th, 2011 photo by Jeff Suchak http://mythiclandscape.com

This Sunday in the Liturgical Cycle of the Seasons of Creation is Week Two. Today, we worship and mourn with the land, the soil, the clay, loam, sand, the body of our mother, The Earth.

I turn now to one of my favourite books read repeatedly during my full time seminary years, “The Body of God” by Sally McFague…”Ecological deterioration is subtle and gradual, it involves the daily, seemingly innocuous activities of every person on the planet.” I cannot change “every person on the planet”, nor can you. We can only change ourselves, our own behaviour, our own attitudes…but that is a spiritual mandate for every one of us who is “awake.”

But this is Sunday, one of the traditional days when people gather together to worship, to lament, to pray, to praise, to be comforted…and to be challenged. I invite you, each and every one, to do this. But, of course, being me, i invite you to do this with a slightly different slant, standing or sitting in the light, with your eyes wide open. Let us gather together. Let us worship, lament, praise, pray for the Land.

We worship outdoors perhaps in a garden, a meadow or on a nearby trail. Some of us are scaling a local mountain, some strolling a beach, others will be collecting rocks, some will be “documenting reverence, practicing the wild.”. Some of us will write and draw maybe even paint a little, sitting on a smooth rock, beside the trail, sheltered by the natural Cathredral’s canopy.

It is outside, outdoors, out of the boxes of bricks and mortar where we can touch (the) Godde (of our understanding) and where we can connect with Source’s Creation. The Creation of which we are a part, only a part, a small part.

We realize that we create chaos.

We commit mayhem.

We forget to think beyond the moment by not being fully present in the moment.

We repent that we disregard Creation, that we pollute, misuse, waste, and kill the soil with chemicals, harsh plowing methods, quarrying needlessly, dumping & littering (here is what one sustainable community is doing about that), and creating ever more landfills.

Pause now to give your gifts, lay down your “tobacco”,

pour clear fresh water on to the ground …

make your apologies — in whatever way is meaningful to you — to this soil that feeds us.

This Sunday we worship and mourn with the land, the soil, the earth realizing that we are poisoning, neglecting, abusing our mother that feeds us. We are sorry. We are very sorry. We want to stop this. Help us to change our ways.

What else can you do besides saying you’re sorry, praying, using your words?

Buy local food. Buy organic food processed locally when you can.

Join a CSA. Find out what that is.

Grow a garden. Grow a garden instead of a “lawn”.

Stop adding chemicals to the soil.

Buy heirloom fruits and veggies. Save the seeds. If you don’t have space, give them to someone who will be able to save them and grow them.

Join a community garden, a collective kitchen. If there isn’t one near you … start one. Since this is a “Season” of the “Church” … ask a local church to lend you their kitchen…maybe even sponsor your group.

Write a letter to Monsanto, your local, regional, or federal representative, your local newspaper to express your commitment to fix what you can, while you can.

Best of all campaign in your little corner of the world for elected officials to work together creating sustainable communities!

Be the change whoever actually said those words first, doesn’t really matter, may even be irrelevant, what matters is that it speaks to your heart and impels you to change, to act, to make good what you can.


Now go outside and touch the earth!

Always remembering to walk gently and lightly.


2 thoughts on “Week Two — Land

  1. I’m fresh from a week spent in nature, and this piece spoke so deeply to me. I haven’t been a regular churchgoer since I left the church in the fall of 2001 – shortly after 9/11. Since that time – gosh, has it really been 10 years??? – I find that my church is my garden…the roses and tomatoes and apple tree my sermons…the hummingbirds and crows and sparrow and bluejays are the choir. The sun is my Father, and the Earth is my Mother. Laying upon the grass in our backyard, I pour out tears of healing, gratitude and worship.

    What a spectacular post…truly a beauty. THANK YOU

  2. Oh Janece, how your comments touch my heart. Gratitude to our Mother is so easy when we touch her face. Thank you with all my heart for your lovely encouragement and deep sharing. Mitoyake Oasin

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