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Jamie Ridler poses the question, “What guidance do you wish for?” on this Wishcasting Wednesday and all i can muster is … Oh my! What DON’T i want guidance in as i step out in faith to finish my MTS degree at Huron University College, Faculty of Theology, UWO

I do a 6 hour round-trip commute … Get me there safely and Guide me safely all the way home

I am taking two courses in Pastoral Theology … Give me wisdom and the words to not only “do no harm”, but to do good, to do G-dde’s will, G-dde’s work in the world, this real flesh and blood, messy world.

I am presenting a proposal to do “Living the Questions” at my Parish in … Guide me to be comfortable in the Mystery and to gently hold the hands of those who make discoveries that may make them uncomfortable with their past, may resurrect painful memories, may discover more and more questions … to be an encourager and never, never give answers, for they would only be my answers, not theirs.

Oh yes, “work life balance” (there is a quiz here if you wonder about yourself) is essential if i am to model good congregational leader health … and if i am to be a wholly holy and healthy human being … Guide me as i balance the medicine wheel of life…

Guide me as i stay in relationships that i treasure; direct my hands to do the work in the time i schedule for it, to find sources for my thesis that will allow me to state my case and/or surprise me, to connect regularly and meaningfully with friends, with family, with my very significant “other”, get enough exercise, eat healthy foods…and just enough,

go to the places that fill me up and make my heart sing!

Guidance…gentle, insistent, ephemeral at times, parabolic and paradoxical at other times, but always wholly holy…

May i seek to hold Creation as an interconnected web of life …

not to understand but to be in the midst and comfortable in the midst of what seems perplexing…









May i seek Guidance consistently and constantly through prayer and meditation, through mindfulness and being fully present, through active and full body listening. May it be so.


26 thoughts on “Guidance

  1. Wow. This is the third time I have heard about the “living the questions” curriculum. Being a HUGE Rilke fan (just taught this earlier today in an Art Appreciation class, no less) I am ever so curious about this curriculum!

    I read your words… being comfortable with being uncomfortable. Living amidst the confusing… trusting in all of it.

    Ahhhh…. what a beautiful place to be in our wishcasting community today, eh?

    As you wish, beloved Susanna, So I wish for you also…

    Finally, thank you for wishing alongside me.

    • Coincidence is a figment of our imaginations; or perhaps rather the relinquishment of imagination. So perhaps the Universe is insisting, persisting with you. Presenting something that needs to be heeded. Live those questions, beloved, Julie…dear sister in this soul searching wishcasting tribe. It is truly blest to be in community with you and so many others. And thanks be to Jamie for bringing us all together.

  2. Reading your wish was like saying a prayer. It felt blessed and anointed. Thank you.

    And I took the quiz – got a 13..guess I’m OK 🙂

    As you wish for yourself, I wish for you also!

    • Dear Janece;
      Thank you for taking the quiz. I am so glad to hear that we scored the same! Yes, i guess for today, we are on track!

      I am so touched and honored by your comments that my post was a blessing, an anointing to you. Peace to you my dear soul sister.

    • Oh Cindy…Yes! i so hope and pray that we all can offer the care and compassion to others. We all are in a position to be a “pastor” and a guide to others. May we pray for guidance and wisdom and kindness. We won’t always succeed in being our best, but we can always apologize…if not to that person then to ourselves for “failing” and we can learn to be more present and mindful that way. Hugs to you!

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