Immerse yourself…

Another Wishcasting Wednesday rolls around and Jamie asks What do you wish to immerse yourself into?

But today, I must pass on wishing because i am immersed in getting caught up and into placements. I am immersed in fulfilling a dream. I am immersed in the learning, reading, writing tasks of going back to school, finishing that degree. And I’m just too happy to want to wish for more. Life is good…when it all comes together.

But i hold my tribe in my heart and gratefully express that as you each wish for yourselves, so i heartily and wholeheartedly wish for you also! Peace be to your houses!


9 thoughts on “Immerse yourself…

  1. I was going to say YAY for LIVING THE DREAM – but in your case, maybe it’s YAY for LIVING THE WISH!!! LOL

    Love it that your life is good. LOVE it!

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