Burnt Bread

You know the saying, “I’m toast!” It isn’t complimentary, is it? Well, lately I’ve felt like that…”toast” in the sense that i feel burned out. But why is that? It’s my own fault (if you want to pin blame) … but today something happened that gave me some new insights.

I burnt the bread!

and here is the evidence…

I wasn’t happy…not at first…still would have preferred to not have missed the timer dinging. But let’s face it…I did. I don’t know how…but somehow i got distracted. You’d think this would ruin my day. Well, it wasn’t exactly stellar anyway, but for some strange reason I didn’t beat myself up. Can’t explain that one either. But I owe some thanks to a couple of people in my life who have helped me to learn to stop that negative self talk. And then I did something very strange…

I turned the bread over and looked at the bottom. Hmmm … not so bad.

What if I




Lo and behold it looked like this…so the next thing i did was…

taste it. I can’t show you those pictures, but i can assure you that it was lovely. Crunchy and chewy on the outside but a dense and light crumb that was heavenly.

So that got me to thinking. What lesson can i take from this?

One thing was to not let little things throw me into a tizzy. Which i must admit i once in a while (she says, tongue firmly in cheek) i sometimes do.

Well, any number of things could have taught me this.

So i kept on pondering … like Mary since it is Advent…and it occurred to me that sometimes we have to work a little, chew on things, before the juicy lusciousness of life melts into our me-ness and we realize how tasty life is. Yes, it is. Tasty as that “ruined” bread.

I don’t think i’ll make a practice of overdoing the “browning” of my crusts intentionally in future, but i’m going to intensely enjoy every morsel i can from this little “boule” of bread. And while i’m at it … i think i’ll do the same with each and every little morsel of life!

Now go make some

“bread” of your own!

And savour every last crumb!


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