An exercise for “self remembering”

I’ve been busy journalling even though school and the commute has taken up a great deal of my time. I have had to eliminate some things, but the journey into spirit is critical and so i thought i’d share with you today’s page: I am…

It may be difficult to tell, but I used a CitraSolv treated page from a very old National Geographic with blues and yellows cut into strips to make a frame.

The background is a window that was sandblasted somewhere in Belarus from windstorms and drought in the 70s.

Other motifs that appealed to me on an immediate visceral level:

  1. a phrase “into the heart”
  2. a pair of hands of a 103 year old woman knitting yellow mitts.
  3. a pair of ravens courting in the snow sharing a twig as a symbol of nest building.

And when the page was “finished” … although strictly speaking sometimes pages ask for more adornment as time goes on … this is what it spoke to me:

i am the crone who knits community together, who warms the way for women’s wisdom.

i am the old crow nest builder home maker…who caws to you to listen to your heart.

i am the curtain of thinnest finest fabric fluttering at the window … i see what you see only throw a dim glass.

i am the yellow of sunshine and dreams.

Maybe tomorrow it will have more to say. For now I’ll just look a little closer and listen to my heart.

You can look closer too if you just clickem to embiggen…

I’d love to hear what you see…


7 thoughts on “An exercise for “self remembering”

  1. I’m fascinated to hear you intuited the images and then let them tell you what you needed to know. Amazing how a visual exercise can turn a mirror onto ourselves. So glad you made time to make this, and to show us!
    Love Meg x o

  2. Thanks, Meg! I’m sure your spring has you in a completely different space! I find the snowy silences urge me to “go inside”. Hope your spring is just bursting with colour!
    Hugs, sus x o with saucy smiles

  3. Hi Susanna!
    This has nothing to do with your blog, but I’m not sure how else to get in touch with you (still pretty clueless with google+). I’m the person who adopted Truman from you several years ago. I just wanted to let you know how well he’s doing. My father died 5 years ago, and Truman has made my mother’s life so much better. He absolutely adores her; I call him the velcro dog, because he’s never more than a foot away from her. He’s still terrified of kids and vacuum cleaners, and pretty shy in general, but overall, he’s a very happy guy – a perfect match for a senior who doesn’t make a lot of noise or quick moves. Thank you so much for letting him into our lives!

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