Going deep

Oh my goodness, school’s out for the semester and I am able to join my Jamie Ridler tribe in Wishcasting Wednesdays. So what question does Jamie post this week (this week after her birthday! Happy lately) “What is your deepest wish?”

Now this is difficult. Because if you really go deep you sometimes hit gold, but you might also hit bedrock. It can be brutally hard to really go deep and state out loud (as some of my “tribe” have done) your deepest wish. It takes a lot of courage. Do I have the patience? Do I have enough courage? Do I have wisdom to really know when I have gone deep enough to know that yearning that whispers in the shadows of my self what it is that I wish for?

I just had a most important call. That stirs something inside me. This opportunity would give me a chance to serve in a very meaningful way; to serve the people…ALL the people…ALL the Treaty People. And that is what I yearn for…to serve. To share my gifts to touch people and to heal hurts that go back hundreds of years.

Props to my hubby, Jeff at Mythic Landscape for the spiderweb photo. Even if I took it (and I can’t remember if I took this exact one) he was beside me coaching! He is a great coach!

Just a day or so ago, I created this page…so now that moment of Aha! is here. Now I must go deeply until I hear that Aha! That Ahhhh!

Today that is what I woke up knowing and aching for. Service is what I yearn for. Connection, purposefulness, and meaning. That is my deepest wish. May it be so! Aho!


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