Second intention word on this welcoming winter’s day. Stay.

If I were an animal (and I did this exercise way back in grade school) I think I would be a dog. Not just any dog, but a working/hunting dog. The kind that you can see energy vibes radiate from. The kind of dog who needs to be a part of something bigger. The kind of dog who needs a “job”. We’ve always had these kinds of dogs. Not lap dogs, not guard dogs. Actually, most of the dogs who’ve been part of my life have been the kind who would show a robber where the silverware was kept … that is, if we owned silverware.

Now these are smart dogs, loyal dogs, dogs who want to please those they love. So I guess I’m pretty on the mark when, as a little girl, I thought that I would be a dog if I weren’t a human.

There is one drawback though. A dog who is smart, loyal, eager to please AND who needs to do a job has a little too much energy, a little too much enthusiasm to just sit sometimes. Once their day’s work is done they love nothing better than to curl up in front of the fire. But only after the work is done and done well.

So I’ve chosen the word “stay” to remind me to ground myself. To relax and celebrate when the work of the day is done. But also to remind myself to do that great work of building community, to care for and to please those I love.

I am picturing those wonderful companions now…Sparky, Chip, Tru, Lixie, Beau … sitting pretty, but just vibrating with enthusiasm and energy to chase that squirrel, go for that walk, greet the kids after school, get out in the woods/beach/meadow for a hike. Waiting for the signal to go!

As I prepare to greet the new year, to welcome winter with a warm embrace, to find my place in this community I now call home, I realize that staying is part of the going forward. Savouring the anticipation of what is to come, what is unknown and being fully present. Tracey Clark said it well.

Setting down roots will ground me. Will help me to stay the course. Staying is what I need to do now…

Second intention … Ready, steady, go!



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