The Giant

A couple of weeks ago I promised one of my Wishcasting Wednesday tribe a post in her honour. To acknowledge her special wish… to release fear…

This is a story I heard a very long time ago … I have greatly adapted it.

Once upon a time, in a nearby valley, quite like this one … there lived some people, quite like us.

Now, these people never dared to move from their valley. Not even for a vacation, not even to visit relatives, not ever. And do you want to know why they never left their valley? Why it was because whenever they tried, whenever they climbed the surrounding hills, an enormous, greasy, grungy giant roared at them most fiercely.

After meeting this giant they ran back into their tranquil valley as fast as ever their legs would carry them. So up they would go to the top of the hill and back down faster and faster each time. In time, fewer and fewer of them even tried to go over the hill. This had been going on for hundreds of years. And people stopped even thinking about leaving the valley. And so it was, they just resigned themselves to the same old, same old.

One day, a new and plucky Queen was chosen from among them. The queen heaved a great sigh, cleared her throat and she spoke,

“This is a lovely valley and we are a clever and resourceful people, but we can no longer just cocoon ourselves away here. We never see new vistas. We never change the way we do things. We never develop our trade. We never make new friends. Indeed we are becoming dull and boring – we are stagnating folks!

So, tomorrow, I will venture forth.

Yes, I will go beyond our hills. I will go over the mountains in spite of all the dreadful things we have all heard these many years. I will see what really lurks just beyond the crest of that hill.”

So the very next day, the Queen put on her best hiking pants and her coziest flannel shirt and her stoutest hiking boots. She packed her backpack with trail mix, an apple, and pure water, some sketch books, good pencils and pens and a few field guides. She also brought a change of socks and underwear and a set of rain gear. Finally and most importantly she packed photos of her lovely valley

and the people whom she so dearly loved. “I will return”, she called over her shoulder as she set out with some feelings of trepidation.

Sure enough, just as she reached the crest of the mountain, there appeared a great, greasy, grungy giant. She felt flummoxed and very, very alone – and very, very small.

Right in front of her stood a gruesome giant growling and yowling in a most menacing manner. However, instead of running away, the Queen gulped and took one large step forward.


Imagine her amazement when the giant shrunk by the length of her hand!

Hmmm, she hummed, “Let’s try that again.”

Again, she stepped one substantial step closer to the giant – and lo and behold he shrunk by the length of her hand once again.

Now the giant was a full foot shorter and his roaring was becoming a little less ferocious, a little less loud.

The queen picked up speed and strode more confidently toward the giant. Eventually, one step at a time, hay foot, straw foot, steady as she goes, the Queen came face to face with the “giant” who was now so small that she could hold him in her hand.

Gently, she lifted him, so that she could look him squarely in the eye and she softly spoke, “Who are you, that you seem so large from a distance and now are so small?”

The giant shrugged and with a significant sigh, replied,



“My dear, my dear, my name is Fear.”


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