2012 shall be my year to wear my fierce face which is not to say that my face will be angry, scary, or warrior-like. But my face shall be fierce.

So what do i mean by “fierce“? Well, you might ask…and so … since you ask, i will tell you. You could just click the link and read for yourself, but I’m going way back to the 13th, 14th and 15th Centuries for my definition of “fierce” … mid-13c., “proud, noble, bold.”

Indeed! I’m taking Danielle Porter’s lovely poem to heart… I shall be “fiercely tender and still grow wild”…

One thing that I mean by this statement is that I will be vulnerable and open, willing to take risks, while still listening to my heart and doing only what feels right for me.

Vulnerability means taking risks. If we don’t take risks our lives will be small, narrow, unfulfilled. I’ll have none of that with the days I have left to me. I want expansive, wide, wonderful days and lots of them. I want days that allow me to say, “Well done!” at the end of my days. I want to die with a satisfied smile on my face … and no regrets.


3 thoughts on “Fierceness

  1. Oh wow … the image fits perfectly fierce with the text. I love that. Such an awesome woman, teacher, friend you are … to me. xo

  2. Hi Susanna!
    Thank you so much for sharing this talk, Susanna, it’s a beauty! I’m going to share it along on my Facebook page too!
    I guess beauty is there in that love / creativity / vulnerability too.

    Have a wonderful fierce year!
    Love Meg x o

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