Risking Peace

What would risking peace look like?

Each day I pull a card from a deck of self-care cards published by Cheryl Richardson as a jumping off point for morning journaling. A couple of days ago it looked like this:

ImageSure got me to thinking… risk peace, risk peace, risk peace…whatever can that mean. Because really and truly it seemed more than a coincidence that these two words seemed to be forming a complete thought that resonated deep within me.

I journaled about what they could mean. Put them on my desk with other collage materials and played with images. Here’s what that looked like.


Just an aside you can send one of Cheryl’s self-care cards as a postcard…just go here

Now I realize that today’s word is actually two words, but once again they came to me by happenstance and together they say something a little different than if I just put down risk AND peace as my words. And they would take up 2 days instead of the one I have left b/c the 6th of January is the “real” New Year for me. Because in all actuality January 1st being the beginning of another year is arbitrary and patriarchal so I’ve decided to ignore that.

All decisions must be in place by the New Year I’ve set for myself. The goals set. The direction begun. Otherwise, I’ll just drag this out until around September which is really and truly the beginning of a new year for me. Honestly, every day is a new beginning so it’s hard for me to just pick ONE day in 365 (or so) and label it thus and so.

In case you are interested I am an Enneagram Nine…

“While peacefulness and serenity are two of the principal traits of healthy Nines, there are also times when Nines can be angry, aggressive, and anxious. However, they virtually always think of themselves as peaceful and return to various forms of peacefulness (for instance, passivity and complacency) as their ‘home base’.”

For Nines passivity often passes for peacefulness and we are often perceived as “slothful” or “lazy” because decisions are so … so … so … well aggressive. We don’t want to be seen as aggressive, or angry, or anxious and so you can see my dilemma about picking a single day as a deadline. I need deadlines. Desperately…but someone else has to set them … and even then I may balk.

There I’ve digressed enough. Sorry.

Back to where we started from:

Risk Peace.

Notice what is on the back of these cards by Cheryl Richardson

ImageThe risk card also mentions that we need to use our power. That really speaks to me because as most women do, I often acquiesce my power to others. So if I am to take risks I must realize that I have power to use gently, carefully, kindly…but never to give it to another.

The peace card refers to peace in not knowing all the answers. What an aha! that was for me. Yes! That would be true peace for me…to risk trusting, to risk confusion, to risk just being with a question AND not knowing. Risky peace for sure.

What would risking peace mean for you?


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