The glorious moon!

This isn’t exactly what I saw last night on my way back to the Métis Centre for the Women’s Journaling Circle. Our first!

But the sky was full of this amazing orange sphere.

Which makes me think of this poem:

Full Moon Insomnia
by Colleen Redman
The moon is like a jewel
under my pillow
Like the princess
and the pea
I can’t sleep
I’m trying to sleep
but the moon has other plans
I follow its bouncing ball orbit
like reading subtitles in a foreign film
It says: Wake up and write this all down
before you lose such good reception
I’m a nightshift stenographer hired by the muse
to take down the moon’s business
What a wonderful Rest and Cleansing Moon / Hunger Moon celebration we enjoyed. I am so blessed to have such wonderful women in my life. May all who live know such feminine wisdom. Thanks to all who joined me…looking forward to celebrating Spring Equinox with you on March 20th at the Métis Centre in Owen Sound.

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