Blessings of Beltaine

I don’t know much about the tradition of Beltaine, but it sounds like a splendid holiday…signifying renewal, return of the sun, and resurrection …

And while we’re on the subject…I’m in a quandry. Just finished a wonderful course, an independent reading/study with a great instructor (Dr. Mona LaFosse). She’s a real gem and will ensure you stretch to your furtherest limit. I like that. I am pleased with how well I did in the course considering I had also taken on a new (and very demanding) job…not to mention the travel! Whew! If feels good to have that behind me.

However, I have a quandry…as I said … I also forgot to withdraw from another course (actually it was intentional because I always think I can accomplish more than SuperWoman). It was with one of my very favourite (of all time) professors and I was loving all that we were learning about World Religions. So now I will receive a failing grade if I don’t get a doctor’s note (which will not present a problem) and then negotiate with the prof about extension for a huge (make that HUGE) paper for this course. I’m sort of feeling I don’t want to go this route and will take the fail. I just want to live my life and give up on this degree. I’ll pursue the MAIS instead and may even have the option to move some of my courses from the MTS into the MAIS.

So that’s where I stand … on this Beltaine …  which course would be more resurrecting, renewing, springing forth with sunshine? I wonder what you think I should do? Please comment. I’m back to blogging either way.

Cheers! and Blessed Beltaine to you.


2 thoughts on “Blessings of Beltaine

    • Hi Barbie! MTS stands for Master Theological Studies, MAIS means Master of Arts Integrated Studies (sort of a Humanities degree with a tinge of community development and a heap of expressive arts thrown in for good meansure)

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