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June 6th! Transit of Venus day! I’ve actually been looking forward to this day since I properly got into Astronomy about 18 months ago and heard it was going to happen. The weather, however, seemed to have other plans for our skies, so this morning I was wondering if it was even worth lugging my giant binoculars, tripod and other gubbins to work.

I’m so pleased I did though! At around 10:30 the sun made an appearance for about 40 minutes, and then off and on for the rest of the morning. Using my binoculars, tripod, a bit of scrap card and our CEO’s lectern I was able to project an awesome image of the sun onto some card so that we could watch the shadow of venus passing across the sun. And bonus sunspot activity. Yay!

ImageAbove: The set-up.

Below: The image of the sun projected onto card.



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