Turtle makes progress …

ImageWe all think of turtles as being slow, methodical and perhaps — if we are really, truly honest — plodding. So I guess it should not surprise me that my work progresses in much the same way. To paraphrase Anne Lamott, it moves forward stitch by stitch by stitch.

In my youth, I wanted to rush. I wanted to see progress and right then! So I spent a lot of time at machines that whirred and hummed. I still like that, but I have found that an hour of stitching every evening, by hand, in the waning hours, even in front of the “telly” (which for us is my computer screen and Netflix) … the work progresses. Yes, the progress is sometimes slow, but it is an enjoyable process.

I get to feel the textures as they emerge, admire the details, immerse myself in the work. And so I will share with you pictorially that Turtle’s carapace is now done. That being said, this does not mean that in some future time another stitch or two or three may be added. Hand stitching allows that when machines would scream defeat.

I suppose you’d like to get closer…


I have to admit that the texture is luscious!


You might like to try this yourself…let me know…maybe lessons can be arranged.


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