Six Degrees … of Creativity

Today I’d like to share my most recent glue book which I made because of inspiration from two sources … The first is Six Degrees of Creativity with the lovely and very inspirational Gretchen Miller . The second inspiration is my young women’s group at the Metis Centre in Owen Sound who will be making journals this week. I wanted to devise a “Secrets Journal” and I thought what better way would be to make a little paper bag glue book because paper bag books have pockets. Pockets (as we all know) are great places to stash your secrets.


Looks wonky because I cut the two top edges of the two bags I used on bias slants. Gives it more character, don’t you think?

I especially like that you have deep pockets and more shallow pockets.

Here is a view with it opened up.


I think I’ll add an elastic band closure just for fun…

Hope the girls have as much fun with this as I did this weekend!


2 thoughts on “Six Degrees … of Creativity

    • Gluebook Goodness prompted me on this adventure. I have missed making journals as much as I have missed the journaling process. Thanks so much for 6 degrees…I feel made new!

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