Métis Worry Doll

Well, I woke up this morning with an idea bursting to be born! And here it is the very first Métis Worry Doll. I didn’t want to make replicas of Guatemalan worry dolls, nor did I want to do Gretchen Miller’s clothes pin worry dolls. I wanted to do something uniquely Métis … so I did fingerweaving for the body and legs, strong knots for the feet, a face that I sculpted from a button I had long ago that looks like Green Man (to represent the bush and woodlands where the Voyageurs hunted, the black represents the way a woman of today wears the sash and the arms are from glass beads in tribute to the Métis women and their ancestors who did gorgeous beadwork. Here is a peek at how s/he turned out.

This worry doll can attach to a caribiner on your backpack and go hiking with you. S/he says … “Don’t get yourself all tied up in knots, use your noggin to think your way through a pickle!”



4 thoughts on “Métis Worry Doll

  1. You certainly used your noggin to think through this one. I know it’s been brewing for some time, and by george, I think you’ve got it! Love the representations and tribute to Metis culture. Good work, Sus!

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