Spirited Dolls

Could these be prototypes for Winged Muse? Hmmm not really, but they are inspiring. Spent today working up these three samples for a workshop for my Blossom Women’s Group on Thursday.





6 thoughts on “Spirited Dolls

  1. These look great! Have you any ideas of something to do with a group of bereaved children – an icebreaker – as it’ll be at a meet and greet evening for a group of widows/widowers and i want to do an activity for their children so there will be some little ones (I said 6 +) not too complicated.. I did think about sock monkeys ?

    • I agree, sock monkeys would be excellent! There is an excellent French movie (subtitles) that I have used with bereaved groups of parents and children. It is called Ponette (trailer here). Dolls bring comfort to people of all ages, sock monkeys make us smile…a winning combination!

    • They were and are. “White hair don’t mean she ain’t colourful” reminds me of a dear friend. And this morning I woke up with the perfect Métis “worry doll” idea! Working on it right now. Will post tonight if I manage to work it through. Don’t you find that the time you spend “creating” just makes you more imaginative AND creative?

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