Glue Books and other fun stuff…

Gluebooks are just fun stuff. I suppose someone somewhere has made a gluebook that is gravid and serious, but mostly the friends I have…well…we just play. So we got to talking over at 14 Secrets (actually our Yahoo Group) and we thought some kind of swap would be in order. Perhaps just a page, but that would require a “tip in”. And then I thought, “Oh, I’ll just google that to show everyone.” Only that didn’t work and it’s very late, and it’s been a long day and I thought, “Wait, I’ll just do it and show people.”

Here is the first installment.

First … here’s what you’ll need for a gluebook, except for the glue stick, or whatever other stickyness thingy you choose to use.Image

Then the 8×5 cards and one divided into three the long way … so it’s still 8″ one way but skinnier…


and next…


of course you’ll need washi tape…so have a fun hour or so and make some with masking tape laid out on freezer paper (I find it works better than wax paper) and some markers, paints, whatever.

I’ll post the page I made tonight, tomorrow. G’night!


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