Now is the Perfect Moment!

The weather is sunny, warm and too perfect to stay indoors. So even though I am still struggling with an end of summer “bug”, I’m heading out to hike at Jone’s Falls with Lucy.

It’s my way of following the advice of Eric Klein whose Friday Dharma Doodle yesterday inspired me. This link … for some reason … takes you to today’s which is wonderful as well, but if you can watch the second one…it’s shorter and it’s what inspired this post.

I have learned so much from Eric about meditation that I should be his publicist. So let this be a little thanks to you, Eric. A Fall Salute to meditation and turning over new leaves…

Pictures will follow, but they won’t be “mine” … Jeff has the little digital camera with him. No difficulty here…he is a far better photographer than I.


However, I will try to sketch if Lucy cooperates and I’ll put at least one up in tomorrow’s post. Another leaf turned over!

No telling where this will end. Let’s hope never.


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