Falling Leaves New Moon

Last night was the Falling Leaves New Moon — a time when we incubate our dreams and allow Spirit to speak to us.

I’ve been really sick for almost two weeks nd am now on medication. (; P) The congestion is breaking up, but that means that the coughing wakes me.

So today I just got up at 5 am and went downstairs.

The dark night sky was indigo velvet and so many stars were visible.

I threw on a sweater (my mother’s old red one) and went out on the side deck. I was mesmerized. I was gobsmacked. I could breathe in the crisp clear air and I wanted to swing out my arms and twirl around with delight. Like a child.

We have polluted the skies with more than particulate and chemical matter … we have tried to eliminate the dark.

I guess we’re all little children still afraid of what is under the bed when there is no night light. Yet I can’t help but wonder what the skies would look like back where I come from if they put into effect dark sky laws like in Bruce County?

I know there would be a lot more star gazers and a lot fewer casinos. Honestly, I would rather just lay under the stars than gamble away money I don’t have (or can’t afford to throw away). What about you?

Anyway, this morning when a friend (Hi Keira!) posted prose that would melt your heart, I responded and then after I read my response, I thought, there is a haiku in there somewhere. Well it may not be a “perfect” haiku, but I’ll share it with you anyway.

Morning — 5 am

Falling leaves new moon

held in stars gaze — heaven!Image


3 thoughts on “Falling Leaves New Moon

    • Thanks for the tips! We don’t have outside lighting, except for the motion sensor at the back. I do wish that we could have the street lights that have a cover because they shine into my bedroom window and depending on how I’ve turned they wake me up! Nice to hear your voice!

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